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"Love this!" - Matthew Berry, ESPN, Senior Fantasy Sports Expert

It is awesome to watch a game of football with family and friends. So I created a game with my dad to make it even better.

Grab some snacks, a drink and get ready to … Draft’Em.

How to Play Draft’Em

Draft an appropriate number of tokens based on the number of players. You score points as the play happens in real-time watching the game. Each token has two sides to it, so when you draft a token make sure to choose if you are picking the home or away team.

Play for fun or bet each other if you want. Once there is a game winner, put the tokens back and Draft’Em again. You can play multiple times during each football game. These rules are our recommendations from playing it but feel free to edit them for your own game.

Recommended Number of Players: 2-4 (use a snake draft).

2 Players

Draft 10 tokens each. Play to 8 points.

3 Players

Draft 6 tokens each. Play to 7 points (there will be two extra tokens not used in a three player game)

4 Players

Draft 5 tokens each. Play to 5 points.

Move the points

You can move the points it takes to win higher or lower depending on how long you want each game to take.

Game Tokens (20)

In each game, you can only get points on the token once. For example if your team scores a touchdown, you get 2 points and then you take the token out of the game.

When drafting fumble and interception tokens, make sure to tell your opponents if you picking the Home or Away team to force the turnover or be the victim of it (and if a fumble counts if it is not a turnover). You decide!

Bonus Tokens (4)

These four tokens are not part of the Draft’Em game. They are bonus tokens to use as side bets. Each of these tokens has a home and away side too.

Some variations of the game from friends who have played so far:

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If you would like to purchase Draft’Em it is $20 and $5 for shipping. Just email us and we will provide details. If you have ideas to make the game better, please let us know so we can tell everyone that has bought the game.

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